For whom? And when?

For anyone who wants to take responsibility for themselves and their goals

Coaching is an ideal support for anyone whatever their situation in life or their career.

The following could apply to you, and be a reason for coaching:

  • You are in a change process or conflict.tree-66465_1920_web
  • You have the impression that your life goes against your values and beliefs, that you sometimes stand in your own way and are too critical of yourself.
  • You want to develop a positive vision, actively define your topic.
  • You are employed and have the impression that you cannot unleash your full potential. You want to progress further in your career or maybe even change it.
  • You are an executive and want to reflect or improve your leadership behavior.
  • As a supervisor you want to support and develop individual employees for a leadership position perhaps, or through coaching.
  • You are self-employed or a freelancer and want to reconsider your position or sharpen your profile.
  • You will soon finish your school or studies and you are unclear about what career path to take.

Do these topics ring a bell ? Do you feel that something lies dormant within you that should be addressed, but do not yet know what it is or how to go about it? Call me or send me an e-mail. Together we will find a way.