Are you in a challenging (professional) situation, faced with a decision or in a seemingly hopeless situation or conflict? Dou you have the feeling that you can and want to do more and have not yet unleashed your full potential?

All this offers you the opportunity to develop further, grow and maybe move in a new direction. Do you want to bring about real change and are looking for someone to support you? Or do you just want to achieve greater satisfaction? I focus my coaching on what matters to you. My unbiased, clear and appreciative opinion will help you to determine where you stand right now and define your personal goal: for your personal and professional success, your satisfaction and fulfillment.

As a coach and your personal development partner, I support you in exploring new perspectives, reflecting on your way of thinking and behaving or developing new ones. This enables you to grow personally or realize your lifetime dreams.

Together we will discover what is right for you. Because you already know the answer – it is hidden within you. We will activate your existing resources and develop a target vision and concrete actions that will help you to reach your desired (coaching) goal. We can do this by phone or Skype, in English or German. Individually, solution-oriented and effective. Do you have a particularly urgent issue? Just call me! As I also coach via telephone or Skype, I can schedule an appointment more flexibly.

Don’t hesitate and take the bull by the horns! Send me an e-mail or use my contact form. I look forward to hearing from you!


Christine, you pushed me hard sometimes. Thanks for that! It’s not just great, it’s also about results and change of behaviour. You gave me the feeling I can trust in myself and in others. I am very grateful for that!

HoussamController from Lebanon

I highly appreciated Christine’s openness and commitment to my topics – it only took me few minutes to trust Christine and be able to share my doubts, concerns and ask for guidance. Her professional support in leading me through this coaching journey was awesome. The techniques, exercises and activities used helped me to better understand myself and learn a lot about myself as a person. I got to know new and unknown aspects of my personality. The sessions showed me the way to new perspectives, more self-confidence and better and deeper relationships. Having met my “saboteurs”, I know now I can deal with all of them, whether they are fear or insecurity. I can live my dream and I know I can always go back to Christine if I just need 1-2 conversations or sessions with helpful questions. Thanks a lot Christine!

CatalinIT Consultant from Croatia

What I really loved in our coaching sessions where your visualizations! They made me explore issues in a very visual way and got me out of old ways of thinking. I enjoyed your intuition with which you guided me when I did not know what was going on or where to go. It was really exciting to explore my situation with you and get to see other perspectives. You helped me understand many pieces of my puzzle. Now I know how the whole picture looks and am on the path to putting them together to build the business and future I want.

MarijkeCoach from New Zealand/Dubai

Christine helped me and gently guided me at the moment when I was looking for a new job in a very different area to my previous jobs. Her style is supportive, very flexible and caring. She has excellent skills in active listening which helped me to clarify my strengths and weak points. So her coaching was very effective and supportive and finally I got the job I was dreaming of. Thanks again Christine.

GermanSHS Expert from Uruguay