How does it work?

Method and procedure

There are many different coaching approaches and methods. I work according to the method of Co-active ® Coaching.

Co-Active® Coaching is a holistic, dynamic and non-directive coaching methodology developed by The Coaches Training Institute (CTI). It is designed according to the highest international standards in terms of content, application and ethics and is accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF), the world’s leading body of professional coaches.

I have chosen this method because it takes a positive approach with a focus on strengths and solutions. It assumes that clients are creative and carry the knowledge of the solution to their problem in themselves.

As your coaching and development partner I support you in activating all your resources and bringing your strengths, talents and individual skills to light to create the greatest impact. I take you through the coaching process by asking powerful questions, listening and being your methodological partner. I work with personal and professional wheels, value exercises, the inner team and visualizations or imaginary journeys.

Your commitment and input are crucial to the success of the coaching, both during the coaching and in your everyday life. To achieve what you desire, I will help you to implement what you have learned in coaching in your daily life. The results are fed back into coaching to support your learning process and development success as much as possible.

This is how it works:

  • We make an appointment for a free trial session of 45 minutes. This is absolutely non-binding. After the session you decide if you want to cooperate with me as your coach.
  • This is followed by a longer “exploratory session” in which we agree on organizational aspects like the number of sessions, frequency, duration and dates. Moreover it is about getting to know you better: What is your motivation and coaching target? We create the foundation for a trust-based coaching partnership. We explore methods that we will use together and which suit you. We discuss the coaching questionnaire, which you have sent me in advance. It is important to align the coaching to your wishes and needs while keeping your coaching target in view (and reach).
  • The duration of the coaching depends on the subject and the agreed target. Each session includes a review, theme definition for the current session, processing a specific topic or concern, and planning the next steps. The duration of the individual coaching sessions can be tailored in each case to your topic and needs.
  • Coaching is rounded off by a final review, which reflects the entire process and builds on your individual evaluation of our coaching journey.
  • I coach by phone or Skype, in German or English. That makes our coaching more flexible and means that I am also available for acute topics without long waiting times.
  • I treat everything we discuss absolutely confidentially. This is important to me as a professional coach and is also defined in the ethical foundations of the Coaching Association ICF on whose rules I base my work.
  • Initially we agree on 5 to 6 coaching sessions. This is often sufficient to achieve your goal. Sometimes we need more time. It depends very much on your activity and topic.
  • At the beginning we arrange to meet weekly, then biweekly and I will give you questions or tasks to work on in the meantime.

Self-employed clients can deduct coaching expenses from tax as business expenses, employees can deduct it as employee-related expenses or special expenses.

Would you like to tackle your development or change? Then call me or send me an e-mail to arrange your free trial session.